When you send an email to your web developer, how long does it take them to respond? Can you reach your SEO provider by phone during business hours? What about after business hours? Can you reach your CRM consultant in other convenient ways such as Skype and Twitter?

If you are happy with the answers to these questions, congratulations on already being a Sure Spark customer! Seriously though, if you aren't working with Sure Spark and you are happy with the attentiveness of your existing internet marketing company, then stay where you are! We have no need to steal business from the 3 or 4 other internet marketing companies in the world that do these things.

But if you are unhappy with the way your current company handles your desire to be communicative and stay in the loop, we are quite happy to get your business and give you the level of responsiveness you deserve. What can you expect if you do business with Sure Spark?

Our Pillars of Responsiveness
  1. Phone: Every individual in our company records a daily voicemail greeting prior to 9 a.m. explaining their availability for the day (all times are Arizona time, GMT -7, and we don't observe daylight savings time). Individuals will answer the phone when available, and will return calls within 2 business hours if they don't answer. Business hours are 9-5 p.m., so a message left at 4:15 p.m. will be answered by 10:15 p.m. the following morning. If someone is unable to provide you with the information you seek immediately, they will schedule a specific time to devote to finding an answer and a specific time for following up with you. Also, feel free to text us. The same timeframes that apply to voice calls also apply to text messages.
  2. Email: We have found that people don't really like auto responders in the same way they like updated voicemail greetings. Instead, individuals in the company commit to respond to all emails within 2 business hours. Emails sent to a general company email box, like FastResponse@Sure SparkMarketing.com, will receive a reply within 30 minutes.
  3. Twitter: If you mention us or direct message us on Twitter, we will send you a personal response within 30 minutes.
  4. Skype: We will respond to Skype IMs within 30 minutes. It is best to precede a Skype call with an IM to ensure availability, but we will do our best to answer unannounced calls.
  5. Other methods: We want to be available to you in whatever way you want to communicate with us. This includes various IM clients such as Windows Live Messenger, AOL, Yahoo, and others, as well as new methods of communication such as Google Wave. If you prefer to communicate via one of these methods, then please make arrangements with the people you work with.
  6. The Batphone - This is the epitome of responsiveness. Someone on the Sure Spark team is assigned to answer the Bat Phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Bat Phone is particularly helpful when your need can possibly be addressed by more than one person in the company, and the person you usually work with is not available via one of the methods above. It is also available outside normal business hours. Keep in mind that the Bat Phone functions more like a doctor being on call than a 24 hour service center. That is, after business hours, the person who answers it is not at work. They are spending the evening with their family, sleeping, or doing whatever else it is they do when they are not at work. Therefore, we ask you to show some restraint in using the Bat Phone after hours. At such times, please use the Bat Phone when your issue truly cannot be handled according to the time tables above. That said, we provide the Batphone because we know that people will sometimes need to use it, and we want you to feel comfortable using it as required.

We hope you agree that the pillars above all sound nice. The question becomes, how can you know that we are what we say we are? Surely you have encountered companies that have claimed to have great customer service, fast delivery, high quality products, and a million other claims, all of which have proven to be false.

Well first of all, you can ask our customers. Let us know how many you want to talk to, and we'll provide you with that many references. But as everyone knows, there's a problem with references. What are the odds that we are going to give you the contact information of someone who will say anything other than that we are totally amazing? That's right, zero. In our case, it is because there are no such people. But in other business it may be because they are selective in who they use as references. So how else can you know we mean business?

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Our internal standard of responsiveness is actually much higher than the pillars outlined above. Consider those our minimums. If we fail to execute on our minimum standards it is a serious problem, and one which we think our valued customers, vendors, investors, prospective customers, and others should not have to put up with. If we fail to live up to our pillars of responsiveness we will give you a 1 time $100 discount off services, or a $25 gift certificate to store of your choice. For the sake of clarity, the following infractions count as violations of our policy.

  1. You call an individual after 9 a.m. and do not get an answer or a voicemail recorded that day.
  2. If after leaving a voicemail, you have not been contacted within 2 business hours.
  3. You call the Batphone at any time and no one answers.
  4. You mention us or direct message us on Twitter and do not receive a personal response within 2 business hours.
  5. You send an email to an individual and do not receive a response within 2 business hours.
  6. You send an email to a company mailbox or a Skype IM and do not receive a response within 30 minutes.

We hope that you are excited about finally working with an internet marketing company who will provide a level of communication and attentiveness you have probably never experienced before in any industry. To find out what it's like just give us a call, send us an email, or hit us up on Twitter or Skype.

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Joe Shurtz