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We like Google. OK, we love Google. Well actually, we're obsessed with Google. We read Google's many official blogs from all their different divisions. We try all of Google's new apps and services. We think about Google during the day, and keep thinking about them when we go to sleep at night. We write about what we think. We run experiments to see what Google likes and doesn't like. We read what other people write about Google. We even read the personal blogs of Google employees (seriously).

Some people might call us stalkers. We don't really care what you call us, as long as you call us the premiere Search Engine Optimization firm in Arizona!

Put simply, a number one1 organic2 ranking in Google for a good search term3 will bring lots4 of qualified5, relatively inexpensive6, long term7 traffic.

As illustrated by all the superscript, that's a heavy sentence. If you read on, we're basically going to spend the rest of our time on this page elaborating on all the little goodies that sentence contains. So here goes:

  1. Number One - At Sure Spark we play hard, and we play for keeps. We're not happy with first page. We're not happy with top 3. You know, second place is the first loser and all that. We want each client's site to be the winner, the immortal champion, the victor in the battle for search engine supremacy within their niche.
  2. Organic - If you're new to SEO, you'll want to know the difference between organic and paid listings. Organic listings are the search results that Google shows to people because it thinks they truly are the best match for the search term. Paid listings are the ads that show up above and beside the organic listings that say "sponsored."
  3. Good Search Term - We'll come back to this at the end. For the moment, suffice it to say that it's the condition upon which the truthfulness of the rest of the sentence relies.
  4. Lots - I mean oodles. We're talking about 5 times more traffic than the number 2 result, 30 times more traffic than the number 10 result, and 30-100 times more traffic than a well written sponsored ad.
  5. Qualified - When you send out a direct mail piece, you build a list of people you hope are qualified, and then blast them with your message and hope they read it. Alternatively, when someone types a search term into Google, they are telling Google they want to consume information on that topic.
  6. Relatively Inexpensive - Our experience frequently shows that getting clicks from organic search results frequently costs anywhere from half as much to as little as 5% of the cost of paid links for the same term.
  7. Long Term - Paid rankings change dramatically, instantly, and constantly. You lower your budget, someone else increases theirs, or a thousand other scenarios will cause you to fall in the paid rankings or disappear completely. With organic listings, changes happen much slower and they are easier to see coming.

Let's go back and visit this "good search term" business. The vast majority of companies fail at SEO because they fail to choose a good search term. A good search term has 4 main qualities:

  1. It is closely matched to the product or service. If you are a plastic surgeon, don't try to rank for the word doctor. While it is true that a plastic surgeon is a doctor, even if you succeed in getting high search engine placement, most of the traffic you get won't be interested in what you have. In reality, most errors of this type are more subtle than this, but you get the idea.
  2. People actually search for it. Far too many companies optimize their pages for phrases that would be a good match for the business, but that no one actually searches. If no one searches for it, Google won't send you any traffic.
  3. It indicates intention to buy. Someone who types in the phrase Italian food could be looking for recipes to cook at home, history, a culinary TV show, or many other things. However, someone who types in the phrase Italian restaurant is probably looking for a place to eat.
  4. The competitor currently ranking for the phrase can be beaten. Call us bullies if you like, but we pick fights we can win.

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