Campaigns designed by Sure Spark's Arizona email marketing consultants just work.

What could be simpler than email? You type an address, a subject, and a message and then you hit send.

While sending individual messages to your friends, coworkers, and others may be just that easy, leveraging email for sales and marketing results is a much more complicated matter. That's why you want to work with the most astoundingly successful Arizona email marketing consultants ever to walk the Earth (that would be us).

Here's a list of just 7 of the dozens of complexities we will help you sort through:

  1. Building your list - Right out of the gate there's the issue of figuring out who you are going to market to. If you already have a permission based email list built, you are lucky. The more likely scenario is that you need to build it. Buying email lists from brokers is less effective. People aren't very interested in newsletters these days. Meeting people in person is slow. We'll help you craft a compelling website offering that will make people willingly give you their email address, and genuinely look forward to your communications.
  2. Crafting your multistep campaign - We'll help you craft an entire email campaign before the first email goes out. As with other marketing communications, it takes multiple contacts before most of the people on your list will be ready to act on your offers. Additionally, sending out emails on a regular schedule is a great way to build credibility with your audience.
  3. Choosing your technology - There are several solutions that cost less than 100 dollars per month and have basic features that will meet the needs of many businesses. Other companies will require custom solutions or enterprise grade software. Either way, we can help you choose the platform that's right for you.
  4. Automating the process - Staying on top of who needs what message and when can quickly get overwhelming. Many of the platforms we recommend allow you to send out emails according to a predefined schedule, so that once the campaign is started it is self executing.
  5. Getting into the inbox - There are lots of things that need to be done in order to give you the best chance of staying out of the spam folder. Some are rather technical, such as configuring SPF records and proper headers. Some are tricks of the trade in knowing what words and phrases to avoid if possible, such as the word "free."
  6. Maximizing conversions - Little details can make a huge difference between getting a sale and getting deleted without a second thought. The from address, the subject, the words, the offer itself, the images, and the layout. We've found that beautifully designed graphical emails will convert well. But they can only do that if people see them. As you may have seen, many email programs won't open images by default, so people won't see any part of your message. We can help you avoid these problems.

We've achieved our place as the most cutting edge Arizona email marketing consultants because we take a comprehensive approach to these issues and solve problems with class and creativity. We hope you'll consider working with us. The first step is to talk about your email marketing goals for 30-60 minutes. Catch us via our multitude of contact options, or just fill the form below.

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Joe Shurtz